Our Pastors

Email:  oakforestumc@gmail.com

Rev. Michael Blanchard,  Pastor and his wife, Nancy

 I am excited about working with the church to create vitality and to make disciples of Jesus Christ by:
Getting to know the members of the church, learning the history of the church, understanding the passions members have for ministry, and worshipping together. As we grow in our relationship with Jesus and each other, we learn to listen to God’s voice among us giving us a vision of mission in our community that is unique to us individually and to the church. The vitality of the church is nourished by understanding evil and avoiding acts that are harmful; being involved in helping others, that is making a positive difference in the world by doing good; and nurturing each other in the love of God.

Excited to welcome
Carol Clark as our new 
Minister of Music !

More to follow soon !